DOOiT Stacking

Staking is one method to get prizes in the form of other crypto tokens, in other words by using the stacking method you can increase the number of your crypto assets, this method is also a way to get passive income.

The stacking method is locking and storing your crypto assets on a crypto platform that also has a stacking service, where your assets are stored and locked for a certain period of time and will get reward cryptocurrencies are predefined.

However, this method can also harm you if the assets you are stacking increase during stacking because the stacked assets cannot be sold, and you will miss the momentum to sell your assets.

However, if you are a holder, you can try this method, and the good news is that now DOOiT, one of the projects of Tiga Digital Token, has launched a new feature, namely DOOiT stacking where you can stack easily.

DOOiT Stacking

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this is an easy way to do stacking in DOOiT Stacking

1. Open the platform https://staking.dooit.exchange/
2. Connect your crypto wallet
3. Select the available stacking options
4. click “UNLOCK”
5. Enter the nominal asset you want to stack
6. then click “STAKE”
7. after that, please wait for the predetermined stacking period to get your reward

New staking reward always update, and get new option for get the reward

Those are some easy steps to staking on DOOiT Stacking, if you are then the owner of a crypto project, you can use our stacking platform by contacting us at cs@tokendooit.com