Neftiland burns crypto

Why Burns Crypto Coins?

When a developer burns crypto, which means they’re removing it from circulation, making the token rarer and therefore more valuable. Burned currency cannot be used again, so prices will rise if less money is in circulation and demand remains the same.

More news about $NEFTi BURN Schedule coming your way! Better save these important dates because our next BURN will be on 22nd May 2022!

2nd TOKEN BURNING SCHEDULE on 22nd May 2022
🔥We will burn 99,999.999 NEFTi tokens this month!
🔥Total Supply $NEFTi : 99,999,999
🔥Another token burn will be scheduled for August 2022

🔥1st 99.999,999 $NEFTi has been burned on 22nd February 2022!
🔥1st token burn address: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xc6f78401356f3572df7e4ec64fc38604b3be81b200996455e349628dcce6c0c6

Neftiland burns crypto

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