DOOiT Crypto Launchpad

Have you ever heard about the crypto launchpad, this time you should know!

The crypto and blockchain industry has increased every year and resulted in more and more individuals and groups starting to create their own crypto projects, but developing crypto projects is not easy, it requires understanding and also costs a lot to make a crypto project work.

Usually, the developers or crypto project owners will sell tokens at an early stage with a cheapest price to raise capital, from there the project will run according to the promised roadmap.

However, due to the existing limitations, it is often difficult for a project to conduct this initial token sale, it could be due to a lack of adequate human resources, sales are carried out manually and inefficiently, and also difficulty finding the right crypto market target.

Therefore, technological innovations have emerged that can make it easier for developers and potential investors to meet in one forum called crypto launchpad

DOOiT Crypto Launchpad

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Launchpad is one of the innovations used to raise funds from potential investors as initial capital for the development of projects to be built.


launchpad has a role as a bridge between investors and developers to develop the project

from the side of the project owner

  1. Developer can release their project within a lowe cost
  2. Launching projects using this method gives developers and project owners access to a community of investors and crypto enthusiasts, who are ready to explore new projects.
  3. Delivery is done automatically so it is more efficient

from the investor side

  1. The price obtained is relatively cheaper than when the token was launched to the public
  2. Relatively easier to use
  3. Make it easy for investors to see new projects in one place

Crypto Launchpad is also relatively safer than manual sales because usually the launchpad developer will confirm the identity and ownership of crypto or commonly called KYC (know your customer) before the project enters the launchpad platform in order to avoid fraud or scams.