Buy Cryptocurrency with fiatfiat

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. It is decentralized in nature and not under any central authority’s control. but for some of the common people, it’s too hard to buy cryptocurrency with fiat without registering with a crypto exchange.

Ans now in NEFTiPEDiA we made your life easier with our new feature “BUY” widget, where you can easily top up to your crypto wallet within a few simple steps

The NEFTiWALLET enables you to buy cryptocurrency with fiat on the go. You can top up your wallet by using Bank transfers, Google Pay, or Apple pay without having to register yourself on any cryptocurrency exchange website or app.

Make sure you already pass on KYC steps on NEFTiPEDiA

This easy step by step use buy Cryptocurrency with fiat money:

Buy with Google Pay or Apple Pay

  1. Open NEFTiPEDiA app on your phone
  2. Click “WALLET” to go to your NEFTiWALLET account
  3. Click the “BUY” button
  4. Click “TOP UP NOW”, this button allows you to buy crypto with google pay or apple pay
  5. Choose your package ( bronze, silver or gold )
  6. Click “BUY” button below
  7. Click “GET VERIFICATION CODE” and show that code to merchant that you choose
  8. Complete your payment
Buy Cryptocurrency with fiatfiat

Buy with Bank Transfer

  1. Enter the nominal cryptocurrency you want to buy
  2. Choose which bank that you want to use on the “Payment Method”
  3. Click “BUY”
  4. Confirm your transaction and click “CHECKOUT”
  5. Complete your payment through your selected bank

One You finish your payment, you will get your cryptocurrency automatically on your wallet,

This feature also allows you easily buy NFT

we provide convenience and ease of NFT purchase transactions in the NFTiPEDiA NFT marketplace how? made it easier?

Try it now!!