NEFTiWALLET is now presenting a new way to top up cryptocurrency in the NEFTiPEDiA wallet, in collaboration with various OJK (financial services authority) verified payment gateways, NEFTiPEDiA makes it easy for beginners and crypto enthusiasts to own their own crypto.

This hybrid method combines CEX and DEX simultaneously where users can top up the cryptocurrency they want with just one button on the NEFTiPEDiA platform.

One of the available methods is payment using KlikBCA or BCA bank internet banking

you can easily buy crypto by:

  • Click “BUY” on the NEFTiWALLET app
  • Choose which token you want to buy
  • Enter the nominal you want to buy and also select BCA to use the KlikBCA service
  • Confirm the transaction then click “CHECKOUT”
  • Click “CONTINUE”
  • Enter your KlikBCA credentials (You can find your KlikBCA credentials username and pin by visiting the nearest BCA bank)
  • Select your bank account and click “CONTINUE”
  • Wait for the transfer process
  • After the successful screen appears, your transaction has been successful

Download NEFTiPEDiA on Playstore and Appstore, and enjoy the convenience of starting cryptocurrency and NFT investments.